Spotify & Apple Remote

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 02.02.19 Just a quick post telling you how you can control Spotify using your Apple Remote, without paying for software.

I just purchased a piece of software from the Mac AppStore called Remotify. At first, after setting up the software, I noticed that not all of the functions of the software were working as advertised. This isn’t a problem with the software itself, but something on my computer. I quickly realised why, I had installed and personalized settings for my Apple Remote and Trackpad using BetterTouchTool. I decided to shutdown Remotify and try the Remote. It still worked. I thought “Have I just wasted money buying this, when it’s working?”. I then force closed BetterTouchTool from running in the background for testing purposes and tried using the Apple Remote with Spotify, it wasn’t working anymore.

BetterTouchTool works on a system-wide level or application specific. You can set up the Apple Remote however you want. It can convert any signal given by the Remote into a default action (Play/Pause = Play/Pause, for example) or a custom one (Play/Pause = Volume Down), it’s totally customizable. This is why the remote is working with Spotify.

That’s how you can save money buying software to enable these features, you can use something free and very powerful!

Screen Shot 2013-07-26 at 02.13.28Example of how I have my Apple Remote setup.