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This is a short update post, I’m currently still visiting London and I never brought my laptop with me. I’m currently using my iPod touch which is currently breaking, so I’m trying not to write too much.

Apple today released the Mac AppStore which was announced at the “Back To The Mac” conference Apple held last year. I’ve already seen and read various posts from people who have used it, but I haven’t used it myself yet (with it being Hackintosh and away from home).

Once I get home I will begin looking into methods on how to update the Hackintosh. Currently it runs only 10.6.2, which I’ve faked up to 10.6.4 for iLife ’11, but the Mac AppStore comes in the 10.6.6 update only. So you’ll need to use software update.

Now upgrading from 10.6.2 to x.3 and x.4 would break the installation to the point it was useless. But with this update of x.6 I will try to find a work around since this gives us something worthwhile, instead of just bug fixes.

I’m not promising to find a update, because I currently have no way to backup my current version of Snow Leopard I’m using on my laptop – so until I can get a new drive or something, I won’t be trying anything.

This post is just to say I’m going to look into it.

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