I’ve received quite a lot of comments in the past week, 51 to be precise. I’m pretty sure they are all spam with the exception of 1 or 2. The reason why I’ve accepted those comments that are spam free (in terms of links and putting across spam related content within their comment) is because in the long run it makes my blog more active. It tells me that my website is getting exposure, even if they are bots. It may in the long run bring more spam into my site like it has once before (though I was getting bombarded with all automated submissions daily) but I will pass that bridge when the time comes.

In the meantime, I’m not sure who is real, and who isn’t. I can guess by the names, and the URL’s they post as their homepage, but the comments taking those two out of the equation can come across as legit comments from readers. I don’t mind this currently, because as I say, it helps me out in the short term. One thing I am being strict on, even if you are a legitimate user, is the removal of homepage URL’s. Again these would benefit me, and I do visit the odd one that comes across as a normal blog ran by someone in my position – just wanting exposure. But I’m not dealing with possible spam websites. It doesn’t necessarily have to have spam content on it, but it could be automated blog posts (which I’ve seen and been there before, I know the drill). So custom URL’s are out for the moment.

Another piece of news is I may be getting another drive back from my old computer I gave to my cousin, because the computer died. It bit the dust. So I’m taking the spare parts (and monitor) back with me once I go collect them. If I can find some decent cables to connect it to my laptop, I’ll begin backing up my laptop harddrive and I will get stuck in with getting Snow Leopard upgradeable to 10.6.6. But don’t count on it. It will need a lot of work if it’s anything similar to the headache and disaster of 10.6.4.

Eitherway the OSX project isn’t dead and won’t be for a long time to come! Stay tuned. I’m also going to be working on tutorials relating to iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. I still need to update the actual jailbreak pages for these, I understand that, but there is a LOT of information to sieve through and constantly update on. So it will take me some time and a lot of organization. I might look for help on that section at some point if I find it overwhelming.

PS: Ignoring in part to what I have written above regards to web addresses in the above text, I have now decided to remove the option from the template when posting a comment. The field is removed so you can no longer even add one if you wished. This feature isn’t removed from my blog, just disabled for the meantime to save me the effort of manually removing it with each new comment posted.

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