I’m going to recommend a few programs that you can, and should use if you’re using Mac OS X or Windows (XP, Vista or 7) so you can read and write to both HFS+ and NTFS filesystems in either operating environment. Starting first with reading NTFS (Windows) on HFS+ (Mac OS X) filesystems:

NTFS 3G (10.5/10.6)

This application does the job well. While it is a free open-source alternative to the paid applications I will list, I first started using this application. Once I found the other software though, I decided to use those instead. Nothing against this app, it works wonders. I suggest you try it if you don’t fancy buying or piracy, or you simply don’t like commercial software replacing your every day operations. This uses a back-end called MacFuse. You can download the application here.

Tuxera (10.5/10.6)

This one is the commercial product, and the ones who have funded the open-source, free version of NTFS 3G for Mac. I have recently given this program a whirl, while I haven’t had much opportunity to run and use it yet, it is similar to the open-source version. I think you just get more support and possibly more updates with it being a paid choice.  You can view it here.

Paragon SoftwareNTFS for Mac (10.5/10.6)

I LOVE this company. I use loads of their other products, namely Paragon Partition Manager – another amazing product you should check out by them. It has saved me SO many times, and kept me stress free. Completely replaced my other past choices, notably Norton Ghost. But anyway, I used to use this before I started giving Tuxera a test run. Simply put, I recommend this 100% over other commercial software of its type. Read more here.

Now I’m going to talk about reading HFS+ filesystems when you’re in a Windows environment.

MacDrive (XP x86, Vista, Windows 7)

Another piece of software I love by the developers over at Mediafour. I really cannot say how long I have used this. I have this installed on all my Windows machines, always have, always will for as long as I use Mac OS X. This application is just simply amazing. Does what you need it to, with zero configuration or in-your-face alerts.  There is a snag with this piece of software, and one I think Mediafour should rectify… that is MacDrive isn’t supported on x64 XP. Which readers of my blog will know I use as my main machine OS, so I’m disappointed – that is my only criticism.

Transmac (XP x64)

This application is what I use in replacement of MacDrive because it supports x64 XP. I have to clarify a lot of things with this application. This is not a good replacement of MacDrive. It won’t be. Reason why I chose this is because this application will install on x64 XP, but it installs itself as a x86 application, so it is NOT x64 native. The only problem is this won’t display your HFS+ volumes inside My Computer. This is a application that lets you browse the filesystem of your HFS+ drives and remove and replace data on them, inside the app, nowhere else. While its still worth having, don’t expect miracles with this one.

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