In the OSX community, there has been LOADS of requests to have Snow Leopard and Windows 7 dual-booted on the same drive, using the Chameleon bootloader instead of Window’s Boot Manager itself. I’m glad to say I’ve got it working flawlessly, securely, and unobtrusive to your other operating systems if you wish to remove, or install a new OS later on.

When I’ve done my research over EFI booting, I’ve always read the same thing, and I got sick of reading about it. The trick was to use a program called EasyBCD, which is a GUI version of bcdedit.exe (which I found easier to use than BCDEdit – and to add, isn’t actually EFI booting but was coming under those results in Google!) to add Macintosh to your Windows bootloader. That beats the point of what I was trying to accomplish, and was dangerous. If your Windows bootloader was to become corrupt, you could repair it using your recovery CD, but, it is still a big fail point in your system booting. It is unneeded headaches.  Eitherway it wasn’t a nice path for me, I managed to get it working the odd time, but I couldn’t get it working all of the time. This however, works flawlessly every time.

What I have done is modified a script, which is called EFI-Boot-Now-v3. I have edited this for use with my hackintosh tutorial, so just read the onscreen instructions. The script itself was already simple to use, you just pressed 3/4 keys and you were done and dualbooting. But I have removed the steps from the script that caused problems for my hackintosh. It would caused it not to boot, and not load the correctly. With this modified script it is working fine. I will have the page up within the next few days, once I get my own system setup and ready.

There are no new updates regarding 10.6.6. I haven’t had much time to work on it properly, but I have tried. But I’ve had enough with kernel panics for a few days. Also as a note, this EFI dualboot, can be used in conjunction with a single boot, so if you wanted, you could also have this method on your single OS system. This is not safe for real Mac computers, so don’t try it. You will brick your system and have to reinstall it/try to remove the bootloader. Chameleon is only compatible with “PC” systems.

I have also updated the main few pages a bit, you may not notice it, but re-reading my tutorials (which I follow myself now for purposes of installing OSX :P) I found so many mistakes, the biggest one was activating root user. It was leading you to the Utilities folder and was telling you to basically do nothing to get it activated. That’s fixed now.