A few problems

Anyone (which is quite a lot from my statistics) who has followed my blog, social media or tutorials will know I promised a few months ago, now, that I was going to post a dual booting guide for Snow Leopard and Windows 7. Sadly, my laptop has taken a big hit. I’m using it currently, but, I need to replace the monitor because I have almost half of the screen missing with dead pixels (it’s a very old, long story)…

Since half of the screen is missing, it makes working difficult. One thing that is almost impossible, is installing the OS’. Leopard, particularly (which my guide suggests you used in a pre-installed external partition somewhere). I was going to start the process of the dual booting guide, and I have partially months ago, I just haven’t had the time or ability to test and fault proof the procedure.

The main cog in the machine is the install script (which is ran after installing both Operating Systems within Snow Leopard to setup the EFI boot system, it allows Windows and MacOS to dual boot without problems). If this script was released to the public and used, it could count as disaster, with possible data loss if its wrong. So I need to make sure it is 100% correct, my trying it out myself. Leading nicely onto the other point.

I can’t make backups. I have a backup of my Snow Leopard partition (which I will restore to after debugging the guide later on) but this is on my only spare drive that I have. It won’t fit both of my partition backups onto it, because it is 150GB, and I have 2 partitions (Windows/MacOS) that are 116GB each. It would also be a major pain in my ass having to repartition my main PC drive (700GB), cloning the 150GB to it on another spare partition and then doing the same process for Windows 7. Worst comes to worst, I’ll do that but I may just buy a new drive that is big enough to do the job. Future growth and all that crap. I also do need a new drive for my media. It’s getting limp and will undoubtedly be dead soon.

So in summary, I will still be getting around to it. But I need a new monitor and drive to actually do it.

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