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I was asked by Luke over at GearZap if I would review a laptop bag, and post it on my blog. I agreed. I wasn’t sure how I would go about reviewing this, but I thought the best way is to review it with a comparison to my old laptop bag.

My old laptop bag is a bit big. Nothing bigger than your usual one, not really that much bigger than the new one, but it’s certainly bigger in width. I normally use my laptop bag for long distance traveling. Whenever I’ve used it, I’d had to rely on the laptop bag straps, since I’ve normally been lugging a ton of weight in a suitcase. But with its huge width, it would normally fill up a huge section of my suitcase so I would have to carry it. With the amount of things I place in my laptop bag it gets pretty heavy quick. Here is a quick rundown list: Laptop, Power cables, Mouse, 2.5″ hard-drive, CD/DVDs (LiveCDs, Windows/Mac disks etc.), phone (plus charger/spare battery/plug), iPod (plus charger/sometimes dock), maybe webcam/headset. There’s probably a few things I’m missing off, but you can get the gist that it gets HEAVY.  My old bag has lots of different separated compartments that easily store all these items.  It is also pretty sturdy, quite thick to absorb any shocks, has straps inside to hold the laptop in place with velcro, zips that are lockable, removable and adjustable straps, thick cushioned handles, satin lining inside.

The new laptop bag however is pretty thin, there isn’t much padding internally around the laptop itself, all the padding appears to be on the outside (as its main focal design feature), it doesn’t have separated compartments. I just has 3. One on the front the middle (where the laptop goes) and the back. All the same height – the length on the laptop bag. I tried fitting all of my usuals in there and there wasn’t much space. It got clunky and odd shaped.  When I put my phone, iPod and hard-drive into the one compartment, I was worried about movement and scratches to the devices when they bump into each other. There wasn’t much room and it was just a open space. Then there was the issue of no padding.

When I placed my laptop inside the bag, the biggest thing I liked about this Laptop case is the table like interior. It has straps inside on the corners that latch over the laptop keeping in place. Cooling doesn’t seem to be affected by this either, even though its lined with fleece. There was one snag with this. The design is a 15″ laptop case [fitting up to 16″ universally], the lid straps don’t stay over the laptop when in use, only when its closed. The bottom ones are fine however. I could see good use in this. Which I will get into in a bit as a whole. This bag won’t replace my old one, but the use of it may change. Whenever I need to take just my laptop and the essentials,  I will use this. Same goes for short journeys (since this has no strap, only handles).

If you travel a lot, don’t need anything more than your laptop and your phone, you want something small in profile but well built, something you need to quickly pack your laptop away or even use without taking it completely out, then this is the bag for you. I might even use this as a replacement for when I go on holiday next month. I’m heading to Hong Kong, so on a flight this would be a good investment with its small (and collapsible) design that will fit under the seats or above the head compartments without taking up too much space.

In short, it’s good if you travel light, short distance, and work on the move. I don’t do anything of these, so its not the bag for me, but it will certainly have its use I’m sure.


Thanks to GearZap! Here are some links:

The bag: Port Design Laptop Case

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