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I’ve recently purchased myself a MacBook Pro (arrived today) and I’ve wanted to wipe the system and start from scratch. But my Mountain Lion image is always complaining it’s too big to fit onto a single layer DVD. The fact is, it can perfectly fit on a normal 4.7GB DVD. There is extra bloat on the DVD that uses space unnecessarily meaning you need to use a DL DVD.

I’ve modified a script (I can’t find the original author, if I remember I’ll credit you) that will take your normal oversized Mountain Lion image that you would get from the Mac App Store, it will then convert it to a smaller image so it will burn to a normal DVD.

I’ve skipped the part where you’d extract the InstallESD.dmg from the install app, you can find this information all over the Internet. But, the process from start to finish takes under 20 minutes. It’s very simple to do. On a Mac, or Hackintosh, as long as it’s running OS X. It doesn’t have to be running Lion or higher already, just as long as you have your installation image ready.

  • Copy the Mountain Lion DMG onto your Desktop.
  • Copy the script onto the Desktop too.
  • Mount your Mountain Lion DMG (but don’t use it)
  • Open a Terminal window, then change the directory to your Desktop. (Replace Stephen with your username)

cd /Users/Stephen/Desktop

  • Enter the following commands (in bold) to begin the process:

sudo -s then enter your password

chmod 777

./ (a period before a forward slash)

  • Now wait until the script finishes, it’ll say lots of different things. It will tell you what image to burn (it will be saved onto your Desktop as a separate image) when it’s finished. Don’t interrupt the process.
  • Done! You can now burn the DMG to a single layer DVD.

Download Script


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