Chameleon Bootloader


I’ve not updated my blog or ┬ámy website itself in the past few months. I’ve either been away from home, working or in college. All of these together were just too tiring for a few weeks and then college was draining me from all motivation by the time I got home to complete anything.

I’ve decided to finally post the bootloader I use, which is a modified version of “Bullet”, created by “NoSmokingBandit”, you can view the VoodooProjects forum thread for info and links to screenshots. All credits and work is his/hers, unless otherwise stated by him/her.

The only changes I’ve made were: adding a bit of colour to the icons and removing the blur/font that is provided. I’ve added the download links below if you want to use it. Just add it to your Themes directory and update your file to load the theme.