Update: Version 1.1.1 fixes this problem.

NewsRack is a Mac OS application (sadly no Windows version) RSS reader with Google Reader synchronization built in, the app is available on the Mac AppStore. Sadly, the update they released not long ago has broken the Google Reader syncing. Once you open the application and login to your Google account, when you close the application once, reopen it, you will be faced with a error about no password being entered into the Sync options. This little “fix” will get around that until the developers release an update. I’ve emailed them multiple times reporting this bug with no response, they also have messages sent to their Facebook pages – all with no response. The post will have images to accompany the text.

– Login to your Google Account, going to Preferences > Sync > Details.

– The next time you open the application you will see this error.

– Click “Discard” and go to Preferences > Sync and logout.

– Now close the application, and go to /Users/[you]/Library/Preferences/

Р Look for the plist file: com.omzsoftware.newsrackmac.plist Open the file (in Preference List Editor) inside the googleUsername var, delete the Username in there. Save the file.

– Now you have to do this everytime you open the application until the developers release a update.