UPDATE: You can ignore the rest of this post if you wish, but I am posting to say I have Quartz Extreme/Core Image working correctly on 10.6.6. I will add the tutorial in the coming days once I finalize my notes.

It’s here! I have managed to upgrade to 10.6.6 from 10.6.2 in the easiest manner. It really is easy. I tried an alternative method to what everybody else was doing, and I didn’t use the release from Apple for the combo update either – which is what was making me fail, I think.

The only problem with this release right now is Quartz Extreme is enabled, BUT, it isn’t enabled correctly as it should. Add that with CoreImage not working at all, and you pretty much get a half working system. Network, sound (though still no microphone) mouse, keyboard etc, all work. Just the GMA950 isn’t working as it should. So for now I will not be releasing the update notes for this, because it’s almost unusable, fine for users who have dualbooted systems (more info on this at the end of this post), but not for those who have OSX standalone.

If anyone cares to help me find working drivers, then please email me at javakrypt@gmail.com. It is the GMA950 (not for desktops) Device ID: 0x27a2 / Vendor ID: 0x8086. I have everything else working with this card, resolution set to native, with the options to go lower than 1280×800. I have the VGA adapter for external monitors working, and also customizable with native and lower resolutions. I have the colour, in another kext set to native, but in this it can be changed to native (as with my 10.6.2 tutorial this was required.) I just cannot get QE/CI working right! I have responded in a thread on InsanelyMac, but I hope I get some help elsewhere too.

In response to dualbooting, I have that written up on paper and in my mind ready to place onto my website. But I plan to hopefully get this working first, before publishing the guide. The guide will be for those who are willing to wipe their harddrive clean, because you will need to use the GPT partition type, most are likely running on MBR. The difference will come with OSX restoring or clean install. I will offer the first revision to a clean install, of both OS’ since this is how I done it, but restored settings using a backup. But I will at a later date offer a guide for those who are restoring a backup to their OSX disk, but I’m unsure if this will be wise yet.

Eitherway, progress is being made! I will post an update when I have released the 10.6.6 update guide!