iPad 2


First impressions of this device? I’m interested to see what Apple has in store for it with iOS 5. In terms of hardware, I’m not surprised, but it is a step in the right and much needed direction (as I’ve mentioned on Twitter days prior.) I’ll explain my reasons why I don’t like it, past the fact I’ve never liked it, and never will like any tablet computers from any company.

The one thing I think Apple could have done better is give the damn thing 1GB of RAM already. If it is going to be a market leader (which it isn’t, no matter how many times Apple blow their own trumpets, or how many times Apple fanatic blogs and customers repeat word-for-word what Apple wants them to believe) it is not true. Why isn’t it true? because Apple aren’t innovative. They use old hardware (in actually using it, or to draw attention to by making it appear like they created “better” [like touch screen technology]) and using new modern methods of advertising to get deep into the customers mind. Customers rate a company in their mind on first impressions. It’s no surprise that people remember most of Apple’s achievements because they’re thrown around by those who are loyal to the company, or who have a job to comment on technology – Apple related content brings in high amounts of users. ¬†Even though Apple hasn’t been the first to do many things, they have still got the idea that they ARE into people’s minds which can easily create more exposure than mass advertisement can – take when Steve Jobs does keynote presentations, notice the keywords he uses all the time, notice the Apple website’s use of words and structures. It all adds up.

Moving on anyway. It does neatly tie in the standards of modern Apple products that Apple would like to become industry standards. FaceTime, being a main one. You get it on almost all Apple products these days, on the face of it, it all seems flawless. Take a deeper look and it actually isn’t (another post). Faster processors and faster graphics were bound to be on the cards. Dual-core was also a must, a sure preview at how the iPhone 5G will incorporate a dual-core processor. Graphical details in-depth I don’t think have been posted anywhere yet, but they will be soon. This too had to be coming, not just double the first generation, but blowing it out of the water. Reasons are simple, gaming. Apple wants to take the iPad kind of in the same direction Nokia tried with the N-Gage. They wanted to hit consumers with an alternative gaming experience – it also gains them future developers, for future products.

All in all the iPad 2 wasn’t much of a surprise or rumor. We knew what was coming. You only had to look at the iPhone 4 to see that. That is basically all this is. What I will say is there is nothing to see until iOS 5 is released, to see what can be done with the hardware of the iPad 2. I can say right now, I’d expect to see Thunderbolt on the iPad this time next year, afterall they’ve brought HDMI to it, finally. This is a example that Apple is starting to listen to the customer and that the customers may started getting what they want – not without the complimentary Apple restrictions, though.