iTunes x64 Video


I took the time last night to record, edit and upload a video to accompany the “How to” on installing iTunes on x64 XP. The video is pretty basic and was edited in Windows Live Movie Maker (Not just Movie Maker anymore, it’s part of the Live Essentials package) so it only has some transitions to separate the steps as they go along. I have edited and uploaded other videos relating to changing iTunes icons on my YouTube channel. I will edit and these to the posts in question in the next few days.

I will most likely edit these tonight (date of this post) and have them uploaded to YouTube ASAP. Since I share my Internet at home, I had to do this at night so I was able to upload it without hindering the Internet for use by my brother.

The steps outlined in the video are the exact same as outlined in the text variant. You don’t necessarily need to read the page to understand what is happening, but I find it would be beneficial for people to read it, just so you have a better understanding of what is happening – for whatever reason – which could be bad video quality for the inability to watch HD videos.

Steps outlined in the video:

  1. AppleMobileDeviceSupport64
  2. QuickTime
  3. iTunes x64
  4. Apple Services (Apple Mobile Device & Bonjour)
  5. GEAR Drivers
  6. “Incorrectly Installed” fix
  7. iDevice Activation