Mouse Accelerator

I just came across this Preference Pane for Tiger, Leopard and Snow Leopard for OSX – thanks to a user on InsanelyMac. This addon, in basic terms, allows you to change the speed of your Trackpad (which was a very hard thing to do with Hackintosh) and for your mouse also. The VGN-N11M setup only had problems with the Trackpad speed. This wasn’t able to be changed all the time through FFScroll, but this addon makes it work PERFECTLY [even if it is inside of it’s own prefpane.]

The USB mouse speed also worked perfectly, that wasn’t a problem. The problem with the default Mac OSX “Mouse” PrefPane was that Trackpad [due to the hacked kext] no longer showed Trackpad anymore, it only showed USB Mouse settings – asking for you to plug a mouse in. Again, this is perfectly fine to use if you want, because that works. The mouse accelerator is only really for Trackpad speed changing. The speed by default is the speed that FFScrollDaemon sets it to when you boot up (1.0x), so you don’t need to make any changes to the sliders in the Preferences. Only if you wish to have it faster or slower in the future.

I have updated both of the Hackintosh pages to reflect this post, both linking to the homepage downloads (direct links) and with a link to the homepage itself, if you wish to make a donation to the developer.