Hello, world.

Welcome, I’ve had a clean up on my site and added new
content, but I forgot to backup my previous WordPress installation,
and so it has been deleted by accident. I’ve set this one up again
temporarily just while I work on adding new content and themes
(Which I don’t know when this will be, I can
be lazy with my websites at times). So previous comments and so
forth have all been lost. I have added a new iTunes section to the
website, if you are going to hyper-link these anywhere, please
check your links in a few weeks time. They will become dead no
doubt because I still need to put up my OSX page, currently there
is only Windows XP (may add additional Windows versions [Vista, 7]
in the upcoming months but I don’t have these on any of my systems
anymore. Only XP.) But I’ll see about creating a virtual disk to do
testing, screenshots [which I want to add to all my blog so it
isn’t just text]. I also want to video production for this site. I
need to find a good stable, free, HQ video host. I’ve already
thought of YouTube, but they have 10 minute limits and file size
limits on video uploads, so that is kind of out the window. They
are ideal apart from those things because I could have used a
personal video player, which I planned on doing too. So I want to
do video tutorials for Mac OS X Hackintosh installation for the
VGN-N11M series [which will stay on my blog for a very long time,
it’s my baby and the only content I have! Plus, OSX Lion is out
soon enough, so it gives me more opportunities to work on it. ] But
I need to borrow a camera to do the wideshots, and I need a good
screen recorder to record the desktop in HQ – the ones I’ve used
have been fine apart from fluidity. They lag behind themselves a
bit. So hopefully I will be adding more content soon. I mean it.
ha. I’ve also put Antsta
back online on a new domain; Antsta.co.uk, but it still holds the
old template and content, I need to find new photographers to put
content on there.